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6th of March 2023

The 2023 meeting of the IG will take place from May 18th to 19th at 89537 Giengen, Richard-Steiff-Str. 3.

Thanks to Bärbel and Jens Schrem for the initiative.

Original text of the invitation:

We will meet in our garden on May 19th, 2023.
Arrival is also possible on Thursday, May 18th, 2023.
Camping in the garden is no problem.
We provide grill and drinks, please bring along your own grilling equipment.
We will be revelling in any weather!

Those who do not want to camp are welcome to the city hotel:, that is a 5-minute walk.

Please confirm by May 1st, 2023,
so we can plan.

LG Bärbel, Leni, Insa and Jens


10th of February 2018

2018 meeting


20th of December 2013

Three years ago there has been the last Fridolin - meet, meanhwile the IG has no central spare parts stock anymore . As a first consequence the membership fee is reduced by 50% starting 2014-01-01. One year VW Fridolin - IG membership is now € 18 instead of € 36 ($25 USD instead of $50 USD).

Existing memberships will be extended accordingly. This is done automatically in the next few days .

If someone finds it unfortunate that there are no more meetings, maybe he / she could consider to organize one . Maybe two or three people could work together? We surely would support them, as best we can .

If someone finds it good that the Fridolin IG is still existing in this form, but he/she is unable to organize a meeting, we are happy to receive financial support. However we do not offer any kind of 'supporting membership', the administrative burden would be disproportionate. If you still feel attracted by this idea, please feel free to send us an amount of your choice to the IG account, with the note 'promotion' - regardless of the membership fee. We will handle these amounts separately and use it to either start-up funding for the next meeting or the next part reproduction - whichever will start sooner :)

We do not abandon you on your search for spare parts. The IG has mainly smaller parts on stock . Over that, we could forward requests internally on to those of which we know that they can provide parts.

Happy holidays to you all!


30th of January 2010

Meeting 2010

This year meeting will take place on 27th to 29th of August in Selm, which is located between Dortmund and Muenster.
More info soon here.


8th of January 2010

Concerning the IG

You may have the impression that our website is uncared for since approx. two years. Thats sad, but not to change unfortunately. It is because lately, no one feels responsible for the external representation. Also, there was actually no meeting in 2009. Hopefully this year will be different - but if it really works, we do not know yet.
Apart from that the member area is really vivid, the message board being the home for wild discussions.


25th of April 2008

Meeting 2008

Next year meeting will take place on 2th to 4th of May in Giengen east of Stuttgart.
More info soon here.


26th of December 2007

IG stock accessible again

Spare parts are available again. The stock is re-organised after being moved. Some remaining work will be done till mid-january.


4th of November 2007

Change of membership fee

As of 2008 we regrettably must raise the membership fee from 27 EUR up to 36 EUR.
This because of we just now have to tranfer the stock to another building which ich much more expensive.
Existing credit balances at your account will be accordingly converted. This means, the expiration date will change.


4th of November 2007


10th of February 2007

Meeting 2007

Fixed date for the 2007 meeting: 19th & 20th of May.
Heads up! Unfortunately we announced a wrong date here. It's not 29/30th, but really 19/20th. Sorry for any unconvenience.
Meeting will take place in Binsdorf near Balingen, 50 km south of Stuttgart.

More information can be found here.


27th of November 2006

Repro: Front hood seals ready

These rubbers now are on IG stock. All subscribers already got mail. For further requests please use the contact form.


19th of April 2006

Meetings 2006

Two meetings for Fridolin fans this year!

1. - 3rd to 5th of June in Hamburg. Exclusively for Fridolin owners, drivers and intrigued ppl. Come to Kulturzentrum Kampnagel (

2. - On 29th and 30th of July in Nurnberg. For all aircooled VW models and especially for Fridolins. See ( and


24th of February 2006

New: List of market prices

The results of our market investigations are online. Have a look at "Markt - Marktpreise" in the member area.


4th of February 2006

Meeting 2006 will be on first weekend in June

All further particulars can be found here soon


25th of December 2005

2006 Meeting

Next year a Fridolin meeting will take place in Hamburg, Germany, at Kampnagel centre of arts.
There are two dates (May 26th to 28th OR June 2nd to 4th) which members can choose from at the message board. Please use this chance!


24th of December 2005

Merry Xmas!

The Fridolin-IG is wishing all Fridolin owners and fans a merry xmas and many presents! :-)


4th of December 2005

Newsworthy: Remanufactured parts, Extension of time

Due to the rubber seal producer being in arrears we have extended our subscription offer. We'll keep you well informed at this place as well as via e-mail.


13th of October 2005

Origin of the VW Fridolin's nickname revealed?

Didn't you ask yourself quite often, why the VW Fridolin was called like that? We have a fresh explanation on this in our Frequent Asked Questions area!


22nd of September 2005

Remanufactured Parts

Some remanufactured parts will be available from the IG soon. First of all most of the Fridolin specific rubber seals and seat mounting parts will be offered.
The parts will be availaible for a reduced special subscription price, but only for a short time.
Therefore we have to receive your (non-binding) pre-order until Nov. 30th 2005.

For members: please check our message board regularily over the next couple of days..
For non members: please use our contact form if you are interested.


7th of August 2005

Vacation over

Normal operations resumed ;-)
Asking and joining dept. reopened.


2nd of August 2005

Website was down due to server problems

Sorry for any inconvenience!


24th of June 2005

We're on vacation

From 6/29 till 8/2 we can't respond to any questions, neither by phone nor by the contact form. That followed we'll work off the arrear. We apologize for any inconvenience due to the delay.


26th of May 2005

Photos of Jens' Fridolin resto

And once again there is one phantastically restored Fridolin more around - and this time even with some beast of engine! Photos of "back then" up to "today" can now be found in the Image Gallery: Jens' awesome Fridolin


4th of May 2005

Photos of "May Cruise Madness" and "Maikäfertreffen 2005" in Hannover

What an awesome weekend - the weather was as shiny as the faces of the visitors. And over that there were quite some Fridos around! You can find photos of the event in our Image Gallery or here: MCM + Maikäfertreffen 2005


18th of March 2005

The English website is done!

For our international visitors the website is now usable even without online translation or dictionaries : :-)


17th of March 2005

The new areas "News" and "Frequent Asked Questions/FAQ" are online!

Now every visitor can see at one glance, what is new since the last visit.
The page Frequent asked questions will cover the commonly asked questions concerning both VW Fridolin and the IG.


1st of March 2005

New image gallery "Norwegian Fridolins"

Thanks to the certainly most northern Fridolin driver Knut Andersen from Norway we got a new set of photos in our image gallery


1st of January 2005

We are wishing all Fridolin fans a Merry New year!


30th of September 2004

From today on the VW Fridolin-IG can be found in the internet!

Have fun with our site! :-)